Diversity And Inclusion

Based on the recent draft guidance by the FDA on diversity plans to improve enrollment of underrepresented racial and ethnic populations which proposes that sponsor utilize to enhance data for those populations in clinical research. FDA will evaluate the race and ethnicity diversity plan as an important part of sponsors development plan. CIT can help support those plans with our diverse patient population and quality of data we gather.

  • Our patient database consists of patients from diverse communities and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • More than 50% of our database consists of patients from African-American and Hispanic communities.
  • We also have close to 45% Caucasian population included in the database.
  • Small part of our database also includes Asian origin patient population.

*Reviewed on https://www.census.gov/ on 04/19/2024

Here is the demographic distribution of the Collin county and a two other neighboring counties (Dallas and Rockwall) where majority of our patients come from

  • Dallas county has less population of patients compared to Rockwall and Collin county who identify as white alone
  • Dallas county has large proportion of hispanic/latino population which is also reflected on our own database
  • Dallas county has comparable population of whites alone and black or African-Americans
  • Rockwall county has least number of black
  • Collin county has highest number of Asians among all three counties